5 Things You Can Do Today That Will Increase Your Search Traffic

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increase search traffic

When you’re just starting out with your blog, you’re going to start with zero traffic. Slowly, you’re going to get your first visitor. Then your first 100. Then your first 1000.

And then… you’ll face what most bloggers face: You’ll plateau and not see any further growth EVEN IF you continue to publish consistent content. This is the #1 biggest reason why people give up on their blogs. And it’s caused by one thing: No defined SEO strategy.

If you’re struggling with getting more search traffic, here are 5 quick wins that you can start implementing today.

1. Create one 2500 – 3000 word article at a time

For any keyword I’m targeting, I actively try to make my content at least 2500 words. Studies have shown that articles over 2200 words ranked better in Google.

I’ve tested and experienced this myself. My pages that go over 2500 words are the ones that rank highest WITHOUT me needing to fire a ton of backlinks at it. That’s because to write that much content means you’ve gone very much in-depth on the topic.

Not only will you rank higher for your targeted keyword, you’ll also rank for MORE keywords than your competitors. When you have more words on the page to be indexed, you end up ranking for a lot of long-tail keywords that your competitors may not even show up for.

That is how you build massive amounts of search traffic.

2. Make it the best resource that you can find

Whatever article you’re going to write, whatever keyword you’re going to target, you should do a thorough check on the current Google results to see what kind of content is already ranking.

The is not just to make it longer than everyone else’s. It’s to make it better.

How do you make an article better? You create something different.

For example, these are some of the things that I try and do:

  • Make everything more thorough with deeper explanations.
  • Add in information that others may not have included.
  • Add in personal experiences with the topic at hand.
  • Add in multimedia (videos, infographics, slideshows) to make the content richer.
  • Add in more and better sources where people can learn more.

3. Link out to quality sources whenever you can

Want to know one of the reasons why everyone instantly trusts in the credibility of a Wikipedia article? It’s because they litter their articles with links to external sources. Whatever fact they state on their site, it’s backed up by a link to a source where they got that information.

Look at the list of external sources on a typical Wikipedia entry.
example of sources used in wikipedia article

You don’t need to go as far as they do, but you should understand the benefits of linking out to sources.

  • It makes your article more credible.
  • It improves the user experience since people know exactly where to go to learn more.
  • Google likes pages that link out to other quality websites because it makes your own page a better source for information around your topic. And it also helps in one more thing…
  • Getting your article noticed by other webmasters.

Once you publish your article, email everyone you linked out to (or tweet them) and let them know that you mentioned them on your new article. 9 times out of 10, they’ll check it out. And about 5 to 10 percent of them will share or link to your article.

This is an easy way to build links and social shares to your blog without needing to do much extra work.

4. Update/Improve older articles

This is something a surprisingly large percentage of people don’t do.

Go back to your older articles and improve them. Make them more thorough. Add in more sections and sub-topics to make it more extensive and thorough. Combine multiple articles together if it makes sense.

It might sound like a chore, but optimizing your on-page SEO can improve your search traffic a lot. Oftentimes, even more than if you were to create new articles.

That’s because these pages have been indexed (and even ranking) for a while now. They may have even picked up some backlinks and social shares.

By going back and updating my older articles, I’ve seen as much as 25% more search traffic. And that was within a week’s time! It doesn’t take Google long to re-crawl, re-index, and re-position you in the search results.

The benefits of doing this are big, and the results come quick.

5. Run a link building campaign

To build blogs to those big search traffic numbers of 100,000 visitors/month, you NEED to be building backlinks. Getting quality white hat backlinks to your blog is the #1 biggest ranking factor for search engines. If you build more links, you’ll get more search traffic.

And the cool thing is, you won’t only get more search traffic to the page you built the backlinks to. You’ll get more search traffic across your entire blog since your domain authority increases with each strong link built.

Even going out and building just 2 to 3 strong links can make a big difference in the overall search traffic your blog gets.

Double Down On SEO

For me, it took a very long time to build my first successful blog large enough that I could quit my job and pursue it full-time. The reason is: I had shiny object syndrome. I was moving from one thing to the next. Paid ads, CPA affiliate marketing, Facebook, freelancing, and even mobile apps!

It wasn’t until I decided to drop everything else and doubled down on building a real blog with SEO that I was finally able to turn it into a big enough income where I could do this full-time.

The life and blood of a blog is traffic. If you know how to build traffic, you win. If you don’t, it won’t work out very well for you. More traffic = more revenue. It’s just the way blogging works.

So how do you get this traffic?

There are a ton of different traffic sources out there. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…

For me, I only focus on one main traffic method: SEO. It’s the ONLY sustainable traffic source that lasts for years, and builds on top of each other.

Like compound interest… but for blog traffic.

All other traffic sources are short-lived, and requires work or money to keep it going. For example, with Facebook, you have to pour money into ads continuously so that your posts go viral. Stop spending money, and your campaigns will eventually dry out.

For example, this is what most traffic looks like to blogs that depend on paid ads or social media:

stopping paid ads traffic results

With SEO, once you do the work to rank in Google, then you’re going to get traffic month after month.

If you can get good at SEO, growing is only a matter of scale.

I’ve been building blogs for a long time myself now. And I’ve tried just about every traffic method you can use. Trust me when I say, if you want to build a real business out of a blog, then mastering Google and SEO is the best, most consistent way of doing so. All my blogging businesses are built around SEO as it’s key driver of growth.

You can be bad at a lot of things when it comes to growing a profitable niche website. But get SEO right, and you’ll see your growth curve go up and to the right.

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